Roses of Germany

Roses of Germany

Castles and Houses of Germany
Schlösser und Historische Häuser


 Roses of Germany is the brand name of Castles and Houses of Tradition, a non-profit organisation established in 2001 with support from the Europe of Traditions Consortium, the Free State of Bavaria and the European Union. Roses of Germany offers private quality accommodation in houses of character which includes fortified and non-fortified castles, manor houses and other fine historic buildings. Some of our houses date back to the Middle Ages, with others built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Their architecture reflects distinct chapters in the history of Bavaria and Germany.

For Reservations and detailed information please contact the owners directly.

On the map you will find the location of our houses.


Hospitality groups from five European countries comprise “Europa Traditionae Consortium”. They have the common aim to of seeking to preserve the heritage and culture of their countries and regions, and to share that with their guests, be this reflected in architecture, food or wine or other aspects of their patrimony.

All offer hospitality in private homes. As well as being dedicated to providing a warm welcome to guests, the five groups also work together in marketing and promoting tourism to Europe. As necessary they lobby the EU to help maintain and develop this unique style of sustainable tourism..


 Portugal Head Office

 Solares de Portugal
Praca da RepĂşblica
4990-062 Ponte de Lima – Portugal
Tel.: (+351) 258 741672 / 258 742827
Tel.: (+351) 258 742 829 / Fax: (+351) 258 741444E-mail: /


The Hidden Ireland
132 Lower Baggot Street – Dublin 2 – Ireland
Tel.: (+353) 1 6627166 / Fax: (+353) 16627144


Château Acceuil
Château de Garrevaques
81700 Garrevaques – France
Tel. : (+33) 5 63750454 / Fax : (+33) 5 63702644
E-mail :

 United Kingdom 

Wolsey Lodges
9, Market Place, Hadleigh
Ipswich, Suffolk IP 75 DL, United Kingdom
Tel.: (+44) 1 473 822058 / Fax: (+44) 1 473 827444


Erfgoed Logies Nederland
Rijksstraatweg 18
NL 9752 AD Haren – Nederland
Tel.: (+31) 50 5350202 / Fax: (+31) 50 5350203